About Joy Carter

Born in Boise, Idaho in 1958, I was introduced early to the qualities of determination and dedication. My Mom was a homemaker, who took her job seriously and passionately. My Dad was an entrepreneur and a salesman to the core, but his passion was airplanes. The military wouldn’t accept him because he was color blind and almost legally blind but that would not stop my Dad; he was determined to fly. Beechcraft, an airplane company, had been unsuccessful in training pilots to become salespeople, so they got the idea to hire salespeople and train them to be pilots. Dad found a way to make what was suggested as impossible, possible and became a pilot. From both of my parents, I learned not only dedication but relentless effort to produce positive results.

Because of my father’s career, our family spent much time abroad. The majority of my younger life was spent in airplanes, travelling with the family, or at lakes water skiing or tow gliding. Since we spent so much time travelling, leaving the United States in the late 1960′s was just another trip. Little did I know, that I would spend the 6th grade in Jakarta, Indonesia or high school in Singapore, South East Asia. This worldly upbringing gave me a very early respect and admiration for the diversity of culture that comprises our south Florida region.

Returning to the United States (California), to graduate high school, we discovered that I had all of my credits to graduate, except American government. Ever ready for a challenge, I completed my junior year, with my American government studies and a number of electives. Our next journey took our family to Las Vegas, where I spent the next 6 years in marketing within the airline industry and enjoyed some modeling as a product demonstrator.

Throughout the years, my family often vacationed in Florida so it was only fitting, after living in many places throughout the world, that we chose to live here, where the climate was similar to the tropical and dessert heat indexes we experienced previously. We settled in Coral Springs in 1985, where, at the time, were only 63,000 residents. A position with a developer of the City became available and I immediately jumped at the opportunity. I have great memories of my mentor and difficult task master (Richard K. Stevens) who gave me the opportunity to prove myself capable of helping Coral Springs grow into the wonderful community it has become. Mr. Stevens didn’t want to give me the job because he felt that I was too young and did not know anything about Coral Springs, let alone, how to “sell dirt”. But he must have seen how determined and focused I was because he gave me the opportunity and hired me.

The invaluable experience I acquired, selling new construction for Coral Ridge Properties for 11 years, provided me with the confidence to start my own business in real estate, where my brother Jeff Booker and I have enjoyed a successful real estate partnership for over 19 years. I also became heavily involved in our community and with the Coral Springs Chamber of Commerce whose primary goal is to support small businesses. I would have never dreamed that I would not only have the opportunity to lead every committee the Chamber had but also to earn the privilege of serving as Chair of the organization.

Here I am, more than 30 years later, in my favorite place to have raised my family. Now a single mom, I share a home with my Mom. My two daughters, grown and independent are living their lives in Oregon and Coconut Creek. I still love living in Coral Springs… I still love being a community volunteer. At this point in my life, I wanted a larger platform, to continue to give back, to nurture and to guide and to listen, and to be able to do more for the people who also enjoy living in the City of Coral Springs as much as I do.

I hope you appreciate my passion, understand my dedication and share my love of all of the successes in our Coral Springs community. I ask for your support in giving me the honor to continue to serve as your Coral Springs City Commissioner for Seat 5 in November 2020.